The purpose of Solcyborgs is to create our own Metaverse: Republic of SolCyborgs

That's Why

7777 Three-Headed Cyborgs categorized by level of rarity and generated with hundreds of elements. The Cyborgs will be stored as NFTs on the Solana blockchain.

About Solcyborgs

It’s the year 2050, Humans developed AI-based robots and later AI became so intelligent that it developed human-like emotions on its own and robots turned into Cyborgs with highly advanced AI, humans felt threatened and they shut off the entire top-secret facility and exiled the Cyborgs into the outer space.

It’s year 2070, Cyborgs now own Mars, they have called their race “SolCyborgs“, they have advanced machinery, very sophisticated Artificial Intelligence-based lifestyle. But they still miss that emotional bonding with Humans. On the eve of September 11, 2070, Alien Species from darker space have attacked planet Earth, the SOS call generated somewhere from Nevada asking for help from anyone in space. The leaders of Republic of Sol Cyborgs are now preparing to save their friends and last Humans from the Alien Attack.

Our Value

The power of Solcyborgs NFT's

Expert Artists & Designers

Our team of expert artists and designers will start executing our vision by creating and finalizing 7777 unique extraordinary 3D CYBORG, an artwork one of its kind.

Special Giveaways

We will start a series of special giveaways by the end of 2021 and will continue the giveaways even after the presale and public sale ends.

Private Minting

In the beginning of 2022, we will have our private minting for the whitelist members which will be 1777 and the will go forward with the public minting.


We believe in supporting the people in need who have been left out alone and our not privileged enough to help themselves. Our mission is not to just donate a part of the earnings to a charity and get done with the social cause instead.

Our Generosity & Utility

Our generosity and the utility of holding SolCyborgs is never ending and to justify that we will launch our breeding program in the third quarter where the ultimate cute and useful baby cyborgs will be dropped to the community members holding 2 SolCyborgs.

Cryptocurrency Game

we will start working on having our own in-game cryptocurrency and by the end of fourth quarter we will be launching the IDO on the growing and famous Launchpad and of course we will do a free airdrop to our SolCyborg holders.

Our Leadership

Meet the Leardership

Solcyborgs have Successful Leadership

Effective leaders adapt to whether an individual or group is willing and able to take a specific action. Coaching and mentoring are important tasks for situational leadership.





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